At TSQ Research, we get beyond the “what” to the “why” of your customers’ behavior.


TSQ Research excels in designing, conducting, analyzing, reporting and presenting qualitative research findings. Theresa Schreiber, President of TSQ Research is a seasoned qualitative researcher with over 30 years of experience.


Theresa Schreiber

President of TSQ Research

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Each and every project is unique, and we work in a variety of ways from full-service to a la carte. Here is what we can do for you:

  • Consultation with clients at all stages of the research process
  • Access to a network of domestic and international focus group facilities and online platforms
  • Strategic partnerships for quantitative research support services
  • Screener development
  • Recruitment management
  • Preparation of discussion guide and other research materials
  • Moderating qualitative research across a variety of platforms: in-person, online and telephone;
    Ethnography, in-person & digital
  • Analysis of research findings, reporting and presentation
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Experience (Industry & Category)

TSQ Research has consumer and B2B experience across an array of industries and categories:

  • Consumer products
  • Consumer packaging
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical Devices
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Financial
  • Advertising
  • Communications
  • Legal
  • Education
  • Industry Associations
  • Not-for-profit
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Versatile with qualitative methodolgies, TSQ Research can suggest the right tool or a hybrid approach to get the information you need.

  • Focus Groups (in-person & online)
  • In-depth Interviewing (in-person & online)
  • Dyads/Triads
  • Retail Shopalongs
  • Ethnography (in-person & digital)
  • Online Diaries
  • Online Bulletin Boards
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